Welcome to the first day of your new life!

I believe there are no coincidences in life, and you discovering my page is no coincidence.

Are you just starting out on your path to healing? Are you struggling with sadness & grief or just finding it hard to find & keep a healthy loving partner?

Whatever your circumstances may be, you have come to a healing haven and a new life does exist for you through energetic healing.

Energy healing sessions are great for physical , mental , pain ,anxiety depression , addictions ,weight loss , any issues and it is also great for goals your finding it hard to achieve plus much more.

Meet Tina

Tina Trevithick: Unleashing Vibrant Energy and Transforming Lives

Prepare to embark on a journey of healing and transformation as you delve into the extraordinary world of Tina Trevithick. A beacon of light in the realm of energy healing, Tina has dedicated her life to unraveling the mysteries of the human spirit and guiding others towards a path of ultimate well-being.

Tina is a qualified Energy Healer with clients Australia Wide. Offering Phone Consultation in addition to Email Sessions, her clients benefit from her healing techniques both emotionally & physically.

Typical Ailments that Tina can assist with include:

  • A Broken Heart
  • Physical Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Abundance Blocks
  • Dietary Issues
  • Mental Fog
  • General feelings of dis - ease

Tina is a qualified practitioner in an energy healing practise called the Bodycode & the Emotioncode

  • Anthony

    Tina is an amazing person, and an even more amazing healer.

    I have 6 bulging disc's, with my L5-S1 dics bulging that much that it has caused nerve endings to become flattened out of the base of my spine.

    My right leg often drags, and causes me a tremendous amount of pain.

    To make matters worse I am also a concreter.

    I was supposed to see a neurosurgeon and have an operation last year, but as a last hope, I spoke to Tina, and thankfully she has helped me so so much.

    I can not thank, or recommend this amazing person/healer enough. I was somewhat of a sceptic before I witnessed this amazing healing technique for my self.

    Again Tina thank you so so much!

  • Charmaine

    I highly recommend Earth Angel Energy Medicine, at a rating of 10/10 in every aspect.
    I believe 1 session with her would make a difference in your life that you will be amazed with and you will not regret!

  • Stephen

    Honestly I never believed In this way of healing, however how can you not when you can see the development unfold in front of your eyes over a few days, I had the best the experience and my son and I are feeling like we're on top of the world, The best service I have ever experienced in this line medicine thank you for all your help couldn't be more grateful ❤ Best of luck for the future endeavours see you in a week for my next session :)